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Variable Data Printing

Variable Printing for Affordable, Personalized, and Effective Marketing!

Variable Data Printing

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing (VDP) is a digital printing option that allows you to create marketing materials such as postcards, business cards, or multi-page catalogs that are customized for your recipients to receive a more personalized direct mail piece.

VDP digital printing offers the flexibility of design during its press run, which allows text, graphics, and redeemable barcodes within each individual printed piece to become interchangeable as needed.

With the ability to communicate on a unique level that is custom-tailored for your consumers, variable data printing empowers your marketing campaign and gives your recipients a more impactful experience.

Personalized Print

Send direct mail that is specific to each individual recipient for a more personal printed marketing experience.

Faster Turnaround

Speed up your marketing process by streamlining your orders through one vendor that provides print, VDP solutions, and mailing.

Track Responses

Identify which customers respond to your promotions while tracking numbers and percentage of redeemed offers.

Improved Marketing

With measurable results and the power of personalization, your marketing campaign becomes more impactful.

Variable Data Printing

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How Does VDP Work?

Variable data printing works by utilizing a mailing list, spreadsheet, database, or your company’s native files and creates custom content, including names, images, addresses, barcodes, colors, and more, to be changed from one printed piece to the next without ever having to stop the printing process. And, because variable data printing can harness data, it can even tailor images and messages to reflect each recipient’s interests and demographics.

Variable printing primarily works by improving your print and direct mail marketing strategy, as it is more powerful through personalization.

How Do I Know VDP Works?

Variable data printing typically includes a unique barcode, QR code, PURL, or promotional code so that you can promote your business while being able to track response rates. In fact, by being able to track these results, studies have shown:

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