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Commingled Postcards trustpilot reveiws

  • Flat per piece rate
  • No minimum postcard mailing
  • Extremely fast turnaround
  • Turnkey mailing

Order 1 or 1000 Postcards

No Minimum Postcard Mailing

Our commingled postcards offer the following:

  • Bulk mail discounts
  • Thick and durable 14pt C2S Gloss Cover Preferred Paper
  • Eco-friendly printing on recycled content paper
  • 6x9 full-color printing on the front and back side
  • Extremely fast turnarounds
  • Small quantity printing as low as 1 postcard per order

Direct mail commingling—also known as “postcard commingling,” “commingling mail,” “commingling direct mail,” or "commingled direct mail”—is a mailing and printing option that allows you to print low quantities with fast turnarounds while taking advantage of bulk mail discounts. Basically, it is no minimum postcard marketing at an extremely affordable price.

How it works is your order is combined with other companies' orders, so when combined, they create one large mailing that qualifies for the lowest postage rates available.

When designing your commingled postcard, be sure to use a commingled postcard design template to ensure your postcard is designed perfectly to qualify for commingling mail. If you need any help designing, don’t hesitate to reach out; our design team is here to help!

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Commingled Postcard Templates

If this is your first time ordering this product, or you'd like additional guidance with your design, feel free to use the template below or reach out to us for assistance. To gain access to all of our free design templates, check out our templates page.

  • 6x9 Commingled Postcard Template
  • 6 x 9 Direct Mail Sample Design Files

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Get inspired and grow your business effectively with these postcard commingling tips and resources.

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Postcard Commingling Mailing Basics:

Postcard Commingling is a special type of postcard mailing. It allows you to mail a low quantity of postcards, but you still qualify for bulk mail discounts.

How does this work? Well, it works because even if you mail 1 postcard, your postcard mailing is combined with other companies’ low quantities, and by combining them, everyone gets to take advantage of postage discounts through bulk mailing.

Because separate postcard mailings are combined, there are guidelines to follow for the type of postcard and the postcard design.

For example, to qualify for Commingled Postcard mailing, you must mail 6x9 postcards. Also, when designing your postcard, you must leave a specific area blank. This is because, for every different postcard design, the mailing indicia must be in the same spot. This spot is within the 4x2.25 mailing information area, which you leave blank on the back of your postcard design. See below for where you can expect mailing information and the mailing indicia to go. For help with your design, you can take advantage of our 6x9 postcard design template or contact our design team.

Postcard Commingling Mailer Design Requirements

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